Simplify Your Social Media Marketing

Save time and improve quality of your social media posts

If you’re a successful business owner, you know the importance of social media marketing – and the struggle of making time for this important marketing strategy. Some coaches say 80% of the time you spend working on your business should be spent on marketing and advertising.

Read that again – you should be spending 80% of your time on your small business marketing!

I don’t know about you…

But in my own photography business, spending 30 to 40 hours working the actual photography part of my business – and then another 150 hours on marketing is physically impossible on my own. (I checked, there’s only 168 hours in a week.)

The only thing worse than spending such a huge chunk of time on social media, is spending the time and not getting a return on your investment of time.

So what’s the right way to do social media?

The best way is to create several different types of content, including relationship marketing. Those are the posts where you don’t actively sell anything.

Wait! Isn’t the reason you’re in business to sell stuff? Yes, but also no – at least not primarily. The reason to be in business is to meet the needs of your customer – with your products or services. The difference is subtle, but huge.

Relationship marketing builds trust by showing your customers you know them, care about them and what’s important to them. Your customers want to feel like the center of your universe. You can do that by providing value and building connection about three to seven times as often as you actively sell to them.

It’s also important to show your personality. People like doing business with people; not faceless, impersonal businesses. I’m not saying talk about yourself all the time, but often enough to show that you’re human.

Speaking of which, you’ve received some valuable information – are you ready for the pitch?

How does Social Media Snapshotz help?

Stop the endless scroll through free stock photography sites.

We have photos that are ready to upload to your social media sites. From seasonal photos, to National Day posts, and industry specific photography.

Back to School Collection

Move to the head of the class with eye-catching school themed images! Watch your customers drool over your A+ marketing.

Highlight your promotions and be the teachers pet, as students – and parents anticipate another school adventure.

The Back to School Collection has your visual content needs covered with done-for-you posts, stock photography, graphic elements, and Canva templates.

March National Days Collection

With the March National Days Collection, spread the luck of the Irish all month long while creating engagement. 

Celebrate with your customers. Now more than ever, consumers engage with companies that are interested in them and their shopping experience.

The March National Days Collection is easy to download and schedule to your favorite social media platform.

Fabric Related Business

Sew stunning stock photos

Finding stock photography for quilting, sewing and fabric industries just got easier. This collection gives you variety and versatility, And you can use images your competition isn’t using.

We save you time and help you stand out with our Sizzling Sewing Collection, which includes backgrounds, close ups, and done-for-you quotes. 

The Connection Collection

Build a community…

The purpose of Social media marketing is about building relationships with your audience. High quality content educates, entertains, or inspires. 

But high quality doesn’t have to take a lot of your time.

This large collection of plug and play social media images will add inspiration and entertainment into your relationship marketing. Because, not every post should be a sales post. 

For even more flexibility, you have access to the Canva templates to modify the images as needed. 

Customer Relationship Marketing

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