Your Success is our Success

How you make Social Media Snapshotz a reality

We are thrilled that everyone who uses our relationship marketing images, knows they are getting engaging Social Media Snapshotz photos,  worthy of the most successful small business owners. 

~ Raejean Roberts
Social Media Snapshotz Owner

Before I created Social Media Snapshotz, I was slowly building my small photography business.

Then one day I realized I was spending half of my time posting that day’s social media content. There had to be a way to find and create content in less time.

I was concerned that it would be impossible to create plug and play content that would work for most businesses.

But then…

I kept seeing various posts for national days, like National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, and thought about how many businesses could tie those days into their relationship marketing formula.

I decided I set out to create the most captivating photography for the most successful entrepreneurs in business.

It turns out…

The road was more difficult than I imagined.

How could I curate content that helps business owners cultivate genuine relationships with their customers, when their industries and needs were so varied? And how could I show them how to fine tune plug and play images to resonate with their unique clients?

These were lofty goals…

Starting with the national days, I created monthly packages and a la cart options that included images edited to include the headline, and a text document with suggestions and prompts to further engage with their audience.

I feared no one would like the products and these amazing business owners would keep spending unnecessary time on their social media marketing, that often missed its mark because it was rushed and inconsistent.

The response was astonishing…

Business owners were clamoring for industry specific images to further simplify their marketing needs. And just like that, we were on our way to helping more business save time and create a bigger impact with their social media.