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Back to School Stock Images Gallery


The Back to School Stock Images Gallery is the premier resource for back to school social media marketing for your small business

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Make the Grade

Show of hands, are you ready for Back to School?

The Back to School Stock Images Gallery is the complete tool that will put you at the top of the class.

The downloadable images, templates, and elements make it easy to create eye-catching social media posts to promote your business the whole school year!

I know how hard it can be when you don’t have time – or design experience – to create engaging graphics.

That’s why I created this image gallery for small businesses, just like yours.

Download the Back to School Collection today and start creating amazing promotions for your business now!

Get smart with your social media marketing…

No more endless scrolling through stock photography sites, because this collection for small business owners like you.

Now you can save a ton of time and have content that connects with your audience, the Canva templates make the fruit images customizable for your brand.

Additionally, the images are formatted for a perfect fit for your favorite social media platforms. And they are great for newsletters and websites too.

Freshen up your social media feed…

The Back to School Collection simplifies your social media marketing – while saving you time. It’s perfect for bloggers, entrepreneurs, social media marketing managers, and business owners looking for robust content.

Stop spending hours staring at your computer waiting for inspiration to strike, scrolling through huge libraries of stock photography, and trying to pick out the quality gems that your competition isn’t already using.

Now you can simplify your content strategy and save time with images created for small business owners.

Need more flexibility?

Add your brand colors or text with the Canva templates and adjust the size depending on what you need. (Here’s a 30 day free trial)

Social Media Snapshotz retains original copyright of the images and templates. Once you purchase the images you receive commercial and personal use rights. You are free to use the images an unlimited number of times, edit the images as you wish, and no credit needs to be given. However, we ask you not re-sell, share, or distribute the images to any person(s) or third party. Thank you!

The Back to School Stock Images Gallery is easy to download and schedule to your favorite social media platform.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 7 Plug and Play Graphics: School themed images sized for Facebook, Instagram and story posts – including sale and new product posts ($140 value)
  • 7 Canva Design Templates: Use the links in the PDFs to modify and animate your school photos ($70 value)
  • 4 Elements: Summer sale images with a transparent background ($40 value)
  • 21 Different Photos: School themed stock photos sized to work with your favorite platform  ($210 value)
  • Private Facebook group – Your place for marketing tips, tricks, business prompts and helpful interaction from other small business owners

The Back to School Stock Images Gallery is valued at $460.

Get it today for the low price of only $88!


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